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He's been playing with his computer all night for a solid week.

The view becomes a direct overhead of the buildings and streets of the city, which then metamorphoses (through animation) into chips and digital signals on a stylised computer board. I just had a power surge here at home that wiped out a file I was working on. DADE Right, well my BLT drive on my computer just went AWOL, and I've got this big project due tomorrow for Mr. DADE Yeah, well, you know these Japanese management techniques. He closes his eyes and a flurry of half-second video clips from old TV shows flashes by. His screen says ENTERING ARPS 331 and then wipes to another screen. There is a graphic representation of the station's automatic videotape changer. You're going to love New York, it's the city that never sleeps! Dade emerges from the ground-floor apartment on rollerblades and skates down the street to school. I didn't want to sell the house but I had to take this new job, you know that. We enjoy several views of New York, the morning sun shining between skyscrapers, neon signs that stay lit day and night. At school, hundreds of teenagers converse, move around, head to class. He walks up to a skinny latino kid in a faux leopard-skin muscle shirt.

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The troops, and one or two trenchcoated agents, continue entering the house and heading upstairs, still with rifles ready. Upstairs, crowded in the narrow hallway, the troops descend on a bedroom. Now Dade winces, in fact we almost expect him to cry.

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