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The reproduction of the Pocket Companion in Fasciculus II. It goes on to say, " You are desir'd to chuse a Grand Master and other Grand Officers and to Dine.

Smith's Pocket Companion, 1735, and The Boole M., 1736. 17 [This document might, with equal appropriateness, be described as a Dinner-ticket. — No Brother to be admitted Uncloath'd or Arm'd." This seems to have been the occasion on which Lord Southwell, Past Grand Master of Ireland, acted as proxy for the incoming Grand Master, Earl of Stratbmore, at the Grand Feast of 1733, in succession to Viscount Montague, who vacated the chair on that day.] No. — Four engraved Tobacconists' labels, recommending ' Carrington's,' ' Bett's ' (two), and ' Stainer's ' brands of tobacco, by means of conspicuous Masonic emblems.. 13 [These must be among the earliest attempts to turn Freemasonry to the purposes of commercial advertisement.] No. — Engraved (blank) form of Summons to the Hon 1)le . 1 These ill-matched rivals of Freemasonry have hardly left a name behind them.] No.

Nor has the course of historical investigation during the last ten years tended to invalidate Aubrey's statement. Few families can boast of two such bibliophiles in the same generation as Dr, Richard Rawlinson and his elder brother, Thomas Rawlinson. It strains the fitness of things to treat of them and their tomes iu such gossipping articles as the present series. Eawlinson's collection had outgrown his attic chambers in Gray's Inn, he removed to London House, Aldersgate, once the mansion of the Bishops of London. The present inquiry has had the good fortune to bring to light, in a notebook of Rawlinson's, the dates of some Quarterly Communications in which he seems to have been interested. Other Quarterly Communications of that and the following year are similarly noted. Other dates, manifestly of Quarterly Communications, are noted from time to time, the last occurring on 2lst November, 1731, when the information in the notebook comes to an end. and submitted his vouchers for payment during his term of office. 5 Nor is this the latest date to which the evidence of his interest in the Craft can be carried. hardly eighteen months before his death on 6th April, 1755, an entry in his last personal Notebook 6 records that "The Society of Free Masons met at St.

If they had thought it worth while to correct the statement, they had an opportunity of doing so. It must be admitted that the three worthies, Ashmole, Aubrey and Rawlinson, had a singular talent for composing unreadable books. If so, there can be little doubt that it took place very shortly after that date. Otherwise, it is hard to conceive why he should make the entry. of Charity," so that he probably represented his Lodge on the Committee. His term of office cannot have begun later than St. Rawlinson occupied with Freemasonry in 173S, and some advertisements of 1747 show him keeping up his acquaintance with this worthy brother. These Notebooks are quite distinct from the Notebooks enumerated under class D.

He has compelled all Masonic students to reconsider a question that had seemed settled. While still a gentleman- commoner of his College, he had been remarked for his taste and judgment in collecting books, and thence-forward to the day of his death he never let slip an opportunity of acquiring literai'y treasures. The point is that Rawlinson continued to contemn the claims of society no less in his London attic than he had done while on the Continent.

1 His forensic ability has achieved a triumph in the conduct of the case. Si tumnlum spectes, caelo vicinus ; Si animam, terra defessus.

A., Bodley's Librarian, and to the authorities of the Clarendon Press for their kind permission to reproduce the portrait. From page 34 to page 194, space is left for a " List of Freemasons' Lodges," one to each page, with the evident intention of filling in the members' names. The Lodge constituted at the Bricklayers' Arms, Barbican, 26th January, 1730, though erased in 1783, was restored in 1784. to have been connected with the Craft, that we should be justified in feeling the liveliest surprise if it should be shown that the fact was otherwise. is mainly due to our own contemporary still in office at the Library, the Rev. Not the least singular was his bequest of his heart to his College, where it is still preserved. Admitting Aubrey's testimony, we find the probability turned into such a certainty as actuates men in the conduct of their daily life. The witness and his testimony are such as the Court must admit. Notebooks; Nichols' Literary Anecdotes, 1812 — 1815; ditto, Literary History, 1820, passim ; Macray's Annals of the Bodleian Library, 2nd edit., 1890 ; R. His numerals at the head of each page are very different in character from those used by Dr. The pagination ceases with page 255, as will be gathered from the Calendar. Halliwell's hint, drew attention to the Masonic interest of this volume in 1855, all subsequent references to it have been made as though it were the composition of Dr. It runs as follows : — 1 Not one of the four Lodges thus distinguished is in existence to-day, though two of them sur- vived well into the present century. The next in seniority, at the Paul's Head, Ludgate Street, continued its work from April, 1725, till March, 1830. The original compiler numbered the pages of about two-thirds the volume, and then abandoned the task. There is not a word in this volume in his autograph, with the exception of a letter to one Thomas Towl, which is incompatible with the ascription of the compilation to Dr. The annexed facsimile of this letter is by that careful artist, Mr. Compton Price, and will give an excellent idea of Rawlinson's penmanship. The oldest of the four was that held at the Sash and Cocoa Tree, and was constituted July, 1724, and erased April 1746.

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