Software updating for palm treo 750

Palm tells us that the Treo 750v ("v" stands for Vodafone) was designed to suit Europeans' higher esthetic, and now we in the US can enjoy a bit of Palm's version of high style.

Like all Treos, the 750 feels wonderful in hand, with curves and mass that make you think Palm took a mold of an average sized hand and used that as a starting point for the Treo's casing.

They both share a 240 x 240 display and fixed keyboard.

Design and Ergonomics The Treo 750, like the Palm OS Treo 680 recently released by Cingular and Palm, is most recognizably a Treo but it sports a casing re-design that makes it look and feel smaller (more so than it is), weighs 1 ounce less than the Treo 650 and most importantly removes the large stubby antenna found on the Treo 650, Treo 700w and 700wx.

Though the keyboard isn't as roomy as the Cingular 8525's and not up to the venerable Black Berry 8700's, it is quite usable.

The Samsung Black Jack's keys are more widely spaced which gives you more room to type but requires more thumb movement (a matter of personal preference).

The Treo 750 is a GSM quad band world phone that will work anywhere GSM service is available.

In the 8525's favor we have Wi Fi, a roomier keyboard and a higher resolution display (by 80 pixels).Those of you considering the HP i PAQ hw6945 know who you are: you want an integrated GPS.The i PAQ also adds Wi Fi to the mix but loses 3G and is larger than the Treo.You won't know it's there until it lights to indicate charging status.Those who despise flashing LEDs indicating phone service and Bluetooth status will be happy to know that the Treo flashes for neither.

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