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This page is NOT intended to supersede the community notification, but rather, it allows the criminal justice community to promote public awareness concerning the potential threat that sex offenders pose to Arizona citizens. Realizing that it is impossible to notify every citizen about a sex offender's presence in their community, this site will empower you to obtain information and take the appropriate precautions. Thank you for your interest in contacting the Sex Offender Compliance Unit of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The information provided in the downloadable list is intended for community safety purposes only and should not be used to threaten, intimidate or harass.Supplying the public with information regarding convicted sex offenders is a critical step towards encouraging the public to protect themselves from potential future acts. You may contact us using any of the following methods. Misuse of this information may result in criminal prosecution.In Alabama, offenders have to pay a 0 filing fee, which cannot be waived for lack of funds.They may need a lawyer if they move from the state where they were convicted to a new state, where sex offenses might have different legal names and different registration requirements.Most other sex crimes in Missouri carry lifetime registration requirements.

Offenders who are homeless in Kansas must report to local law enforcement every three days. How long you have to register for, and how difficult it is to get off the registry, varies greatly by state, as you can see from the map below.The map does not display registered sex offenders who have identified themselves as homeless.Homeless Registered Sex Offenders are searchable through a supplemental web application below.At the stricter end of the spectrum: All sex offenders in California and South Carolina must comply with registration requirements for life, regardless of the crimes committed.Compare this with the rules in Utah, where many offenders are removed from the registry after just 10 years.

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web application enables you to search the Chicago Police Department’s database of registered sex offenders.

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