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There have been 12 prior incarnations of the Warehouse that stretches back into Ancient Egypt.

Frederic: Surely you know by now, Agent Lattimer, that the Warehouse is more organic than your average structure. Searching for the most innocuous and repulsive occupation that would cause people to shun the very structure - and finding one unique to American political ingenuity - word was covertly spread that Warehouse 13 was the place where all Income Tax Return Forms were stored from every citizen in the United States.

Outside of hunting down the new artifacts, there is always a dilemma cooking up back at the warehouse where one of the miscellaneous items is being experimented on, stupidly misused or otherwise going haywire. To equate judgement and wisdom with occupation is at best ...

In many respects it's a more comedic, fantasy oriented version of , with a generous side helping of Steampunk.

"If a radio landed in the hands of Thomas Jefferson, do you know what Jefferson would do?

He would just lock it up, until he figured out it wasn't going to kill him. Who would Artie: Somehow, light and matter coalesced, and a 3D-projected Sherman tank became solid enough to shell the crowd.

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Note: In real life, the term "Warehouse 13" is used on some software systems that failed to have a means to mark inventory as lost, misplaced or stolen, so, in order to make the books balance, anything missing was listed as being in "warehouse 13." Probably a play on "file 13," the nickname for throwing something in a wastebasket.

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