Dating a christian scientist

Funnily enough, the app that scored lowest on the “getting laid” scale was Grindr.

That was followed by e Harmony, Christian Mingle and Zoosk.

Even with these interventions, nothing had been shown to stop the disease's progress. Even the name - the 'liberation treatment' - inspired a sense of immediacy.

Caught up in the excitement, patients flocked to Italy, and charities like the National Multiple Sclerosis Society poured millions of dollars into funding Dr Zamboni's research.

The disease typically begins with a single episode when people are between 20 and 40, and gets progressively worse.The results are especially interesting since it can be tricky to assess these kinds of things.People don’t always type “I got laid” in a review, but a data scientist from Luminoso explained in an email that beyond looking for mentions specifically of getting laid, their software can search the concept.As it happened, 90 percent of the MS patients - including his own wife - that he examined to find proof of his theory did in fact have the blood drainage abnormality, which he dubbed chronic cerebro-spinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI).So Dr Zamboni suggested a novel treatment: He thought that he could insert surgical balloons, called stents, into patients' neck blood vessels to open their blockages, improve the flow of blood from their brains to their spines and - maybe, hopefully - cure MS.

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