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It is especially useful for chronic and degenerative diseases that medicine and drugs can only alleviate at best, at the expense of toxic agressions for the body.

In fact, we do know that there are already many allopathic doctors that are using this powerful biomagnetic technique, either openly or secretly, in order to complement and enhance their medical practices.

The topics covered in the training course are: • Definitions and background of Medical Biomagnetism • Difference between Dr.

Goiz Biomagnetism and Magnetic Therapy • Preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic system • The concept of p H in the body • Energy balance in the body • Homeostasis and Biomagnetic Pairs in the body • Biomagnetic Pairs, pathogens and organ dysfunction • Electromagnetic Resonance • Synergies between different types of microorganisms • Biomagnetic Pairs and disease • Importance of adjusting the biomagnetic Body Axes • Therapeutic action of magnets • Types of magnets • How to determine the polarity of a magnet without other magnets or devices • Warnings about the use of magnets • Care of the magnets • Homeostasis, energy field, information flow and health • Dr.

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Esther del Rio, ferrous-ferric network and Crystal Water • Biomagnetic Poles and scanning points • Horizontal and vertical pairs • Reverse polarity • Kinesiological phenomenon of hemibody shortening • Types of Biomagnetic Pairs • What does a therapist need to open and run a biomagnetism office • Qualities of a good biomagnetism therapist • Legal precautions • Biomagnetic deontology • Eligibility criteria and warnings • Previous preparation of a session with a patient • Full therapeutical protocol.

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Not surprisingly they will charge almost 2000 USD to attend their 5-6 day course in a luxurious hotel and they will get high commissions for each registered student.

And most of what they offer in the classroom can perfectly be explained in videos, which will be able to be watched again and again as many times as needed.

And in these courses they will maybe practice during the last day and only for very few hours, together with some other 50-100 students, and usually with no real patients, just practicing with each other. The only practice that counts is the one each student will develop after attending personally 10-20 patients, not only 3-4 hours.

The important thing is to understand all the therapeutic protocol steps very clearly in one´s mind and to start immediately practicing them with relatives or friends first. And after these first patients, after having already developed this practice and skill, the student will already feel confident to start charging money for his sessions.

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