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Don’t take it to heart if your girl says similar things to you.It is no way your fault and you should never doubt yourself. There’s no shame in your commitment game when you join the new “dating” site, Go Marry, which is all about that long-term relationship.Those who love one-night stands and dating multiple people at once need not apply.Erasing deep rooted commitment issues is definitely not going to be an easy task.Commitment phobic people tend to develop an irrational fear of being in a long term relationship. Be patient and make her realize that you do not possess any of those traits that would have led her to believe that commitment is not her cup of tea.“It’s better than a dating site, we are a marriage relationship service for people who want to get married and start a family of their own,” the site’s owner and creator Azad Chaiwala tells.

You will have to adopt a careful and cautious approach in dealing with her issues and concerns.Could it be because of a failed relationship in her past whose bad experience made her vow against commitment for good?Or could it be that either her relatives or friends have had bad experiences which had a profound effect on her too?It can be rather disappointing and maybe even infuriating, when you find out that the girl who means everything to you, while sharing the same feelings for you, shies away from committing herself.The mere thought of committing to someone terrifies the hell out of her.

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Being cheated on or having had a rough childhood could bring about serious relationship issues in a person.

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