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Until then…we’ll have to keep wondering, making guesses and developing theories.Because – from my research – the only thing that seems to be an undeniable fact about Blue Moon ice cream is that it turns your poop green.It seems possible this chef may have cracked the code.Many other recipes call for things like pineapple and blue curacao liqueur. Flavors include raspberry, lemon and vanilla pudding.Frozen dairy products is one of the food items in which it is commonly used. Castoreum comes from sacs inside a beaver’s pelvis which secrete the stuff they use to spray on their turf. The FDA lists castoreum as a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) food additive. People all over the world eat a lot of funky things.What’s weird to you is normal to someone in another country. Even if Blue Moon ice cream really does have beaver butt juice in it – you may be able to recreate the ice cream at home (sans castoreum).However, there are some potential holes in the Sidon Theory.Through her research, Schoenburg discovered multiple mentions of a type of ice cream called Blue Moon in local newspapers dating back to the late 1930s – a decade before Sidon allegedly invented the flavor.

Reviewers include Wisconsinites who claim this person hit the nail on the head. Blue Moon ice cream is the only recipe ever posted by Chef #218515.You can use lemon oil or extract and raspberry oil or pureed raspberries.Some say the vanilla pudding is what makes the difference.She described him as a quiet man who’d be unlikely to brag about inventing the fun flavor.The theory of a flavor chemist creating this mysterious ice cream makes a lot of sense.

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